Sunday, September 5, 2010


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Hello Bonjour Brooch
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She Loves Nerds

audrey hepburn

PF backgrounds <3


kissing her cage good-bye

tube eventail - Page 16


I made a polyvore account! I'm addicted with all the cute things you can arrange on here...expect more posts soon!

xoxo JGM

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 Pictures

Storm clouds
An old car
Clay snowman I made one day in art class

xoxo JGM

Monday, July 19, 2010

settling in

It's time for me to retire for the night ~ must be up bright and early tomorrow morning {Pfft. It's 12:54 a.m. That's never going to happen}.

I'm picking up my mother's well-worn copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. She once said it was a very good book, and I do believe there was a second one that she read. So I borrowed it...without asking...and I'm going to sink deep into the world of storytelling and then drift off to sleep, watching the fan spin 'round and 'round...

And then I'm going to wake up, freak out, and try to find what page I was on when I fell asleep.

xoxo JGM

postcard from Texas

My friend is away this summer visiting family in Austin, Texas. She was very excited about it, because she hasn't been there in a long while, and she was flying alone, so they put her in this special seat and showed her movies and stuff. Sweeet...

She sent me this postcard, which I tweeted about a while ago {Something to the effect of "So glad I can finally cross 'getting a postcard from Texas' off my bucket list"}. I was joking, of course. I don't have a bucket list. God, I'm not that old. 

So this is the postcard, in horrible quality, because I love it.

And, because I'm paranoid, the words are backwards, and my name and address are blocked out. 

Front of card; Says AUSTIN on it; Not really sure what it's a picture of, I've never been to Texas
My friend's special message to me. You can't read it, sorry, but it's a kind of cool picture. Kind of.

xoxo JGM

3 Pictures

No Horses Beyond This Point sign
Mail Truck driving in front of us
Man using binoculars at a Phillie's game ~ We were very high up. As in, as far up and as far back as you can possibly get. I'm not even joking.

xoxo JGM

ice cream <@

Went out for ice cream with the family today ~ we went to this local place that was apparently around forever until about three years ago when it went out of business. Right before we moved here, of course. I was so depressed of never getting the pleasure of the infamous homemade ice cream.

So a few months ago, the son of the previous owner reopened the ice cream place! {Cue the orchestra} We had never gone until today, when I suggested we go out for dessert.

It was pretty dang good. Not amazing, but pretty good. There are two or three other ice cream places in town, so it had a lot to live up to.

I got chocolate chip cookie dough, my favorite, with sprinkles. I got two scoops, thinking it wouldn't be that much, but those scoops were freaking huge! And it may have just been my imagination, but the sprinkles tasted a bit like cinnamon, which is certainly nothing to complain about.

I took a bunch of photos:

We ate upstairs ~ this is the view of the line.

My little brother no. 2 with his chocolate ice cream ~ he insisted on having it in a cone.

Sharing ~ awh

Here he comes! ~ Little brother no. 3

Trying to grab my camera {ahem, phone ~ I'm asking for the Polaroid t1031 for my birthday}

The "napkin house" as stated by Little Brother No. 2

xoxo JGM